At Hope Farm Medical Centre we provide a repeat prescription service. We encourage our patients to order their prescriptions online via the NHS App.

The repeat prescriptions service is designed for ordering your regular medications. However, if you need new medication, changes to your current prescription, or acute prescriptions, please contact us to discuss further.

Using the NHS App to manage your prescriptions

During the COVID-19 pandemic we changed our repeat prescription process to allow patients to order their repeat prescriptions via email as the practice had restricted access. Providing this service took considerable administration time and now that COVID-19 restrictions are gone restrictions we need to review our resources moving forwards.

Recently, when we audited the repeat prescription process for quality improvement, we found that we are receiving on average 400 medication email requests each week and each request was taking 5 minutes of administration time to complete. This is considerably more than our traditional methods of ordering prescriptions and equated in total to 33 hours per week.

We hope you will agree that this administrative time would be much better spent in other areas of the practice, such as having more members of the team available to answer the phones during our busier times. In order to re-allocate this time we are removing our email repeat prescription service and moving to order prescriptions online via the NHS app.

The NHS app not only removes 90% of our administration time per request, it is also quicker and easier for patients to order prescriptions, it also enables patients to check as soon as the prescription has been processed and is available for pick-up which will reduce the need to contact the practice. The NHS App also allows notifications if prescriptions are rejected and what the reason is.

Using the app is a simple process once set up and we will be happy to assist with this.

The NHS has a number of useful resources to help use the NHS App, please see our Online Services page for more information.

Ordering repeat prescriptions

Requests for repeat prescriptions can be made via a number of channels:

  • By using the NHS App – The NHS App is the most simple and secure way to order your medication online.
  • By paper repeat prescription slip – You can drop off a ticked repeat-slip in to the white prescription drop-off box in the entrance foyer.
  • By post – please send your ticked repeat-slip and include a stamped, addressed envelope if you would like it posting back to you.

When ordering medication we can only process prescriptions up to 10 days before they are due to run out, please make allowances for this time frame when ordering medication.

We operate a system whereby prescriptions are processed daily by a member of the Patient Services Team. Please allow at least two working days for processing. Examples:

  • If you put in your request before 12pm on a Tuesday, you will be able to collect your prescription after 2pm on Thursday.
  • However, if you were to put in your request after 12pm on Tuesday, you would have to wait until Friday after 2pm to collect your prescription.

Non-urgent advice: Telephone requests

Telephone requests for repeat medication can not be accepted for safety reasons.
Patients who are on regular medication are required to attend an annual medication review. This review could be with your doctor, practice pharmacist or one of the practice nurses.

Please note, depending on your medication, this review may need to occur more frequently than once a year.
We utilize electronic prescriptions, which are digital prescriptions that are sent directly to your chosen local pharmacy. To ensure your prescriptions reach the correct pharmacy, please register your chosen pharmacy with us.

Please note that even if your prescription has been sent to the pharmacy, there is no guarantee it will be immediately ready for collection. We recommend waiting a few days or contacting your pharmacy to check.
If you will have to pay for four or more prescription items in three months, or more than 14 items in 12 months, you may find it cheaper to buy a prepayment certificate.

NHS prescription prepayment certificates (PPCs) are a helpful way to manage the cost of your prescriptions.

For more information please visit Check if you can get free prescriptions – NHS (
If you have specific medical conditions, you may be entitled for a medical exemption certificate. This certificate grants you free NHS prescriptions for all your prescribed medications.

Additionally, other exemptions such as Maternity Exemption, NHS Tax Credit Exemptions, and HC2 Certificates are available.

Check your eligibility using the NHS eligibility checker.

Please call in to surgery to complete the exemption forms.