We at Hope Farm Medical Centre are committed to giving all of our patients a meaningful voice, a chance to let us know your views and opinions. Please feel free to complete our ‘Have your say!’ survey (link below) which we are conducting to obtain a greater understanding of our patients' views; it only takes a few minutes. The results will be reviewed monthly and we will explore how we can improve the service we offer to patients. Come back to this page soon to see if any changes have been made under the ‘You said, we did’ heading.

You said, we did

Thank you to the 106 patients who completed our ‘Have your say!’ survey (above) throughout November. From this, we undertook the following ‘You said, we did’ exercise and made some changes. We review results monthly so this is a great way to give your feedback.

Your said: You were looking for online help with depression/mental health support.
We did: We have created a dedicated page on our website signposting you to some fantastic online mental health resources, as well as information about our Social Prescribing Link Workers who can offer support to adults and children (link above)

Your said: When I try to book an appointment through Patient Access or the NHS App at 7am, as advised to, there are never any appointments available, meaning I have to ring at 8am which I don't want to do.
We did: From our 'Have your say' survey we found this to be a common theme. To improve access to patients who can't ring at 8am due to work or family commitments we have increased the number of appointments available to book online at 7am. We will continuously monitor the number of appointments available.

Your said: There are not enough face-to-face appointments, which is annoying when you know you need to be seen.
We did: We aren't trying to prevent you coming in for face-to-face appointments, all GP appointments are telephone triaged to ensure it is safe and clinically appropriate for you to come in. We are also increasing the number of face-to-face annual reviews with our nursing team.

Your said: With the cold weather it's unfair having to wait outside the surgery, especially with the elderly.
We did: The receptionist will always look to invite patients to wait in our waiting room, where there is enough space to socially distance. If you are waiting outside and would like to sit down, please let the receptionist know you have arrive and they will allow you in if there is enough room.

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