We at Hope Farm Medical Centre are committed to giving all of our patients a meaningful voice, a chance to let us know your views and opinions. Please feel free to complete our ‘Have your say!’ survey (link below) which we are conducting to obtain a greater understanding of our patients' views; it only takes a few minutes. The results will be reviewed monthly and we will explore how we can improve the service we offer to patients. Come back to this page soon to see if any changes have been made under the ‘You said, we did’ heading.

You said, we did

Thank you to the 149 patients who completed our ‘Have your say!’ survey (above) throughout September. From this, we undertook the following ‘You said, we did’ exercise and made some changes. We review results monthly so this is a great way to give your feedback.

Your said: You were concerned that with the weather turning for the worse, asking patients to wait outside was unfair, especially with the elderly.
We did: We agree – we now allow patients to wait in the waiting room, as long as they sit on a chair with a ‘dot’ to ensure social distancing. If you are waiting outside, please ask reception to mark you as arrived and they will allow you into the waiting room.

Your said: Wouldn’t it be worth having a one way system in place to avoid a bottleneck at reception/outside the front door?
We did: There is a one way system in place, patients can enter the practice through the front door and will be escorted out the side of the building after their appointment.

Your said: The clinician called me too late after the time my phone call was booked for, meaning I was unable to answer. Saying ‘The doctor will call you at some point this morning’ isn’t helpful.
We did: This issue was discussed at the Practice Business Meeting. We understand that you may have work/family commitments, so please let a member of the Patient Services Team know if you need your call at a certain time. The Doctor or Nurse will do their best, however it is not always possible to keep to exact timings as other appointments can overrun.

Your said: You need to start seeing patients face to face; we know when we need to be seen.
We did: We are starting to see an increased number of patients face to face, with the resuming of annual reviews for certain health conditions and an increase in GP appointments. GPs are still triaging over the phone before inviting patients in, this is to protect staff and your fellow patients.

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